Pc Cleaner free download for Windows and Mac


SafeSoft Pc Cleaner is best-known in the market for improving Internet & processing speed immensely. It offers plenty of tools for optimizing overall performance & managing online privacy. Moreover, it has a file recovery tools to restore accidentally deleted files, which is undoubtedly a bonus point

Pc cleaner free download for windows


  • Newly added optimization features significantly reduce Internet bandwidth needs.
  • Lots of modules dedicated to improving boot time, download speed & CPU, RAM, GPU.
  • Features a Malware Killer to block or remove malicious content.
  • Defragment & compact registry without any hassles.
  • Have a clear & detailed analysis of your Windows system


  • One-click maintenance.
  • Offers solutions to clean & protect users.
  • Keeps track on PC performance.
  • Manage & fix running processes to speed up PC.


  • Doesn’t basically increase browsing speed

Frequently Asked Questions: Computer Cleaning & Optimization Solutions

Q1. Does Windows 10 Have A Built-In Cleaner?

Yes, Windows has a built-in cleaner that lets users clean & free up space in a no time. But it’s certainly not that effective

Q2. Which Is The Best PC Cleaner For Windows?

Well, i am not trying to hype the software Safesoft Pc cleaner, but it is a good product that i personally have used and it works and performs it functions duly

Q3. What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Computer?

If you don’t clean your PC at regular intervals, you might have to struggle with problems like:

  • Dust build-up inside the system can clog the fan.
  • You may start facing regular overheating issues.
  • Eventually drains your Windows Battery life.
  • The keys could get stuck.

Q4. How do I clean my PC for free?

Here’s what you can do to clean your PC without installing a dedicated PC Cleaner.

    • Run the built-in disk cleaner in Windows.
    • Clear your browser history & remove extensions you no longer use.
    • Try running the Disk Defragmentation tool.
    • Uninstall software one by one you don’t require anymore.
    • Disable startup items to improve Windows boot time.


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