Twitch Affiliate Program – Benefits, Requirements & Payout

twitch affiliate program

Twitch Affiliate Program

If you’re a streamer who makes his/her living by doing what you love, i.e., streaming, we have news for you. Available globally, the Twitch Affiliate Program has sparked a revolution by supporting streamers worldwide to do what they do best. If you want to scale up or generate revenue from your side passion of streaming, you have to read our guide on Twitch Affiliate, and how you can become one!

Twitch Affiliate Vs. Twitch Partner

On the outside, Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner may sound reasonably similar, but they have significant differences, mainly in the perks both parties get. Ever since the chaos about Twitch Affiliate Program started, we have been getting multiple queries about the same. Today, we are going to walk you through the eligibility criteria and benefits of the Twitch Affiliate Program and compare it with Twitch Partnership.

Who is a Twitch Affiliate, and how can I become one?

The Twitch Affiliate Program is a head start of all those hard-working, dedicated, and qualified streamers who are trying to make full-time streaming as their primary career option. The affiliate program puts them one step closer to their goals. It allows them to start making money on Twitch as well as build their audience and work hard towards their next target, Twitch Partner. In addition to this, Twitch Affiliate program requires you to fill some minimal requirements, all of which are mentioned below:

  • Total live streaming of 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • At least three or more concurrent viewers over the last 30 days.
  • A minimum of 50 followers.
  • A minimum of 7 or more unique broadcast days in the last 30 days.

Who is a Twitch Partner, and how to become one?

You can refer to the Twitch Partnership as an elite affiliate program. Out of 9 million active broadcasters on Twitch, only around 27,000 users have been able to become the Twitch Partners. They get premium access to the famous Twitch Partner Lounge and special VIP treatment at different community events. If you want to become a part of this community, here are some requirements that make you eligible for the Twitch Partner Program:

  • Total live streaming of 25 hours or more in 30 days.
  • A minimum of 12 unique broadcast days within 30 days.
  • Score a minimum of 75 concurrent viewers in within 30 days.

All the requirements make you eligible for the partnership. It doesn’t immediately grant you an entry into the partnership. Twitch personally monitors all the broadcasters to invite the worthy ones for the partnership program. They check your community, chat activity, chat responses, how well you connect with your audience, page overlays, the frequency of your streams, audio, and video quality, uniqueness, the potential for further growth, and of course the entertainment value your stream brings. Performing very well over these criteria may get you a pass to the Twitch Partner Program.

Twitch Affiliate Benefits

Now that you know some key differences between the affiliate program and the twitch Partnership, you should also know that becoming a Twitch Affiliate is the first milestone in your streaming career. With the title comes a bunch of benefits, most of which are listed below:

twitch affiliate program

  • Twitch Affiliates receive a SUBSCRIBE button where viewers can support your channel.
  • Affiliates are also granted the ability to generate revenue by accumulating Bits.
  • Twitch Affiliates can also earn money from the game sales and in-game items from their channel page.
  • Affiliates can also track the revenue generated from the bits in the Revenue Tab on the account dashboard. Affiliates also get one custom sub to emote.

To earn from Twitch and get affiliated, every new user requires building up his follower base in a short period. What draws people to your channel is the content of your video, and the way you present yourself. Let your personality shine through instead of adopting a fake facade. Do not use follower bots to gain instant fame because one, they’re banned on Twitch and two, you’re risking getting your channel shut.

How to become a Twitch Affiliate Fast

Since the members of the Twitch community were kind enough to deliberately introduce Twitch Affiliate Program and help small-mid sized streamers grow faster, it’s now our responsibility to meet the minimal requirements.

2 out of 4 requirements can easily be met. You can stream for 500 minutes in a month with an easy, and streaming for 7 unique days sounds like a doable task too.

However, the rest of the requirements can give you a tough time. Even if your content is great and people watch it every time you stream, there’s no guarantee that they will follow your account.

How to become a Twitch Affiliate Fast

That’s where Twitch Follower comes to your rescue. We all know that Twitch Guidelines restrict any user from deploying bots. Any account found using Twitch Bot is banned immediately by the moderators. The best and the foolproof way to gain followers is by purchasing real followers from trusted sites. One such site is which employs real people to follow and view channels on twitch. Sounds like a mystery? Well, read the next section where we unfold how you can get Twitch Affiliate fast using this service.

How to get Viewers and Followers to your channel?

Twitch Followers is an official website which allows Twitch streamers to buy followers or viewers legally.

It takes two simple steps to get started:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in as Streamers using your Twitch username and password by clicking “Get started,” or “Login/Sign up



How to Buy Credits on Twitch Followers

The quickest way to grow your audience and rack up credits is to buy them from Twitch Followers.

  1. Click on ‘Buy Credits’ at the top of the page.
  2. Select one of the two categories of credits available for purchase:
Starts at an affordable $10 and goes up to $75 Starts at $150 and concludes at $1000.
$10 will get you, 200 followers, or 200 viewers. With $150 you will get 3000 followers or viewers
$75 pack will get you, 1500 followers or 1500 viewers. Maximum price gets you, 20,000 followers or viewers

Thus, you get 20 followers and 1,000 credits for each US dollar you spend – A great deal considering the fan base and money your channel is capable of generating once you invest in it.
Start Growing your Channel

Know more about our Affiliate Packages here.

How to Apply for Twitch Affiliate Program?

Once your channel meets all the requirements, and you create a decent channel reputation, you will be invited via email or notification through your dashboard. The invitation to Join affiliate program might take up to a few weeks to appear in your panel. For some, the notification can appear within hours of meeting the criterion while for others, it may take a few weeks. It is to be noted that Twitch Affiliation is an invite-only program.

Once you receive the notification or email, you need to fill in a short form and click on “Get Started.” Once done you can begin you channel monetization through Bits.

Here is the information you need to fill:

  1. You will provide necessary general information to be registered into the program.
  2. Sign the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, agreeing to the terms of the program.
  3. Provide Amazon your tax information by completing both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews (TIMS).
  4. Tell us where to send your payments by completing the Tipalti form.

Twitch Affiliate Payout

There’s a 45-day long waiting period after the month-end, post which you receive 100 dollars or more depending on how much you have earned. If you’re inactive on your Twitch account for 12 months or more, and you fail to make a minimum amount of 100 dollars in these 12 months, Twitch has the right to lose your affiliate status.

Twitch supports the following payment methods:

  • Wire (Direct Deposit to the bank account)
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Hold Payments (Held while waiting Affiliate to specify new payout information)


The Twitch affiliate program brings talented streamers one step closer towards their goal of making their passion for streaming sustainable. With this program, you can build your audience and become the much-coveted Twitch Partner. Who hasn’t dreamt of wearing this achievement on their sleeve? There is no shortage of ways you can make money on Twitch, so we suggest you start Twitching right away!

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